Usability, gangster test, user test

What is usability?

Definition: The extent to which a product an be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use.

Usability is about making digital products as useful as possible. A usability evaluation of website is thus an evaluation to which the site is perceived as useful by those who use it. When we are talking about usability, then it`s basically a digital product like website, app etc. Usability is divided into 3 categories:

  1. Functionality: Users have specific goal or needs that they seek to fulfill. The site should be user-friendly and function are easy to use.
  2. Efficiency: Users want to be able to perform actions quickly ad easily. The ability to do something without wasting time, energy or material.
  3. Satisfaction: User-friendliness and good design offer users a quality experience, and the experience of quality is vital for a website`s success.

Gangster test:

Gangster test is a test to see whether the essential elements are present on website or not and also to see, if a user can find them and understand their meaning. Gangster test is a metaphor that can be applied to a website to see, if a user can find his/her way on the website. In this test, there are 6 question that one must keep in mind:

  1. Which website are you on?
  2. What are the main sections found on the website?
  3. What subpage are you on (look for page title or description)?
  4. What options do you have at this level (look for menu, shortcuts etc)
  5. Where are you in the overall structure/how you get her (like breadcrumbs)?
  6. Can you search?

While doing the gangster test, one also has to give points. There are total of 18 points. 3 point max for per question. It is also important to document, while performing gangster test like audio or video.

Quick and dirty:

One can choose to use gangster test “quick and dirty”, if you are testing a single subpage. A quick and dirty is a way of working quick, cheap and simple gathering of information. It is also a way of performing a task when speed, agility and action are in focus. It is about getting quick results and also inexpensive way to get the information you require.


It is test to see if the user can use website and find information on its own. Test also provides information about, how user feels and thinks while using website. Typically, there are 2 objectives in user-test: to discover and understand where the user experience issues and to show others where these problems are. Test is used to be “inform” or “confirm”. The user-test are divided into 3 phrases:

  • Preparation of test task.
  • Recruiting of test participants.
  • Run the pilot test.

It is also important, how the test is executed. In execution, there are 3 parts:

  • Welcome and introduction.
  • Test period.
  • Summary and conclusion.

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